September 19, 2022
Mini-Split in Phoenix, AZ

Even without ductwork, your home can get an AC system that cools most or all of its rooms. Called a mini-split, or ductless air conditioning, this system delivers energy-efficient cooling that more than justifies its up-front cost. Read to learn more about how Xtreme Air, Inc. can help you.

How Ductless ACs Work

Ductless units work similarly to traditional heat pumps. Both push air throughout the house from a central outdoor unit, but the former uses air handlers while the latter uses a series of ducts. The technicians at Xtreme Air, Inc. in Phoenix, AZ, can install ductless air conditioning, which may result in you having a lower electric bill for heating and cooling.

Easy to Install

Mini-splits are easy to install, and it’s best for professionals to handle the process because of its complexities. The compressor goes outside, and every compact, sleek interior air handler looks good in any room. Once our technicians complete the installation, you’ll be able to set your preferred temperature for each air handler so it’s comfortable wherever you are.

Energy Savings

Ducts, unless sealed well, can leak out air, causing the AC system to run longer; mini-splits bypass this issue altogether. All the cool air goes straight into your room of choice, so you won’t be unnecessarily cooling unused spaces.

Did you know that nothing wears down an AC more than the start-up? Fortunately, mini-splits can adjust their speed and blowing capacity, and its auto setting can offer the most efficient, energy-saving use for cooling, convenience, and cost.

Hire Our NATE-Certified Technicians

Xtreme Air, Inc. has installed many mini-split ACs in and near Phoenix, AZ, and we’d be happy to inspect your home and determine if it’s the right option for you. In addition to mini-split installation, we offer heating repairs, installation, and maintenance, plus indoor air quality services. Call today for more details! We serve not only Phoenix but Paradise, Carefree, Tempe, Sun City, Glendale, and other cities throughout the valley.

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