June 22, 2023
HVAC installation in phoenix, az

Most new air conditioners come with manufacturer warranties that last for five years. These warranties cover all AC replacements and repairs resulting from defective parts and workmanship. However, to keep the air conditioner in your Phoenix, AZ, home covered by this agreement, you must have it professionally serviced yearly. Read on to find out why.

Manufacturer Warranties Are Mutually Binding Agreements

When registering product warranties, consumers enter into mutually binding agreements. These agreements clearly state the terms and conditions for maintaining coverage along with the provisions that warranty issuers will make. To protect themselves, AC manufacturers require homeowners to make ongoing, reasonable efforts to keep their cooling equipment in good condition.

Routine maintenance and timely repairs extend the lifespans of air conditioners. They also limit the likelihood of repairs. More importantly, if your AC system is never professionally serviced, it may suffer breakdowns early on that aren’t the result of defective products or manufacturing.

Annual AC Service Is One of Several Maintenance Requirements

To keep your AC manufacturer warranty intact, you should have a licensed HVAC company tune your cooling equipment up at least once each year. AC tune-up service generally provides the greatest benefits when performed just before the start of the cooling season.

Warranty holders are also required to schedule necessary repairs before minor problems have escalated. Waiting to schedule repair service until your AC refuses to turn on could leave you paying to resolve the underlying issue out of your own pocket.

Regular AC filter changes are another requirement of warranty contracts. The filter in your air conditioner should be inspected on a monthly basis and changed every 30 to 90 days. Some warranty contracts additionally require homeowners to have professional air duct inspections performed annually and professional duct cleaning performed every three to five years.

Your Manufacturer Warranty Isn’t the Only Protection You Can Lose

Unfortunately, neglecting annual AC service doesn’t just place your manufacturer warranty at risk. Annual air conditioner service is also a requirement of many home warranties and home insurance plans. Not only do these companies often request proof of service when reviewing and approving claims, but they also hire HVAC contractors who can determine whether or not covered events are maintenance-related.

Since 2006, we’ve been proudly serving Phoenix, AZ, and the greater Maricopa area. We offer air conditioner repair, maintenance, and installation service. We also offer heating services and indoor air quality solutions. To schedule your annual AC tune-up, give Xtreme Air, Inc. a call.

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