February 17, 2023
HVAC services Phoenix,AZ

Regular HVAC inspections are necessary to monitor a unit’s energy efficiency and to identify problems before they require expensive repairs. During an inspection, every component in an HVAC system will be examined to ensure that it’s functioning properly.

Reasons Why Inspections Are Necessary for HVAC Units

Your HVAC unit makes up around 50% of your monthly energy bill. Over time, parts will develop wear and tear, which will result in your system not running properly. If your HVAC unit isn’t at full efficiency, your utility bill can increase. During an inspection, we’ll be able to determine if smaller components in your HVAC unit are starting to become worn down.

By requesting regular inspections, the risk of a major repair is also considerably less likely. Minor damage will likely be caught before your entire HVAC unit malfunctions. Keep in mind that the majority of HVAC units come with warranties that require servicing in order for the warranty to remain valid. An HVAC unit that isn’t maintained can lose around 5% efficiency every year.

When to Obtain a Professional Inspection

You should consider scheduling inspections during the early fall and spring months. Fall is among the busiest times of the year for HVAC professionals. If you have separate heating and cooling systems in your home, have the air conditioner inspected when the temperatures are warm and the heating system inspected when the temperatures start dropping.

Whether your HVAC unit is starting to have issues or you want to make sure it remains in peak condition, our team at Xtreme Air, Inc. can provide your system with a thorough HVAC inspection. At Xtreme Air, Inc., we offer numerous heating and cooling services that include the repair, maintenance, and installation of all types of units. Our team also provides homeowners in Phoenix, AZ with indoor air quality testing services. Call us today to schedule your next HVAC inspection.

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