April 6, 2021
Man working on air conditioner

When the summer weather descends upon Phoenix, all you want is to relax in a comfortable, air-conditioned home. However, that might not be possible if your AC is faulty. It’s not unusual for air conditioners to make a variety of unusual sounds. What’s important is to know why your air conditioner is producing certain weird sounds. You’ll also want to call a certified technician to fix the issue immediately and avoid costly repairs and replacements.

Excessive Friction

Proper lubrication prevents AC components from overheating. Dry AC components cause the wailing, squeaking, or squealing sound emanating from an air conditioner as it stops or starts running a cooling cycle. You increase the odds of early breakdown if you allow moving parts of an air conditioner to remain unlubricated.

Failing Compressor

A screaming noise can be due to a failing compressor. You need an expert to replace the failed compressor and restore your AC’s efficiency. If your current cooling system is more than a decade old, it would be wise to replace the entire unit if the compressor fails.

Airflow Problems

Airflow problems are often the cause for whining or whistling noises in an AC unit. Older air conditioning units are more likely to experience airflow issues. Undersized ductwork can cause a whistling noise because of the high air volume the cooling system pushes through the ductwork. Damaged ductwork can also cause whistling sounds as air escapes through the leaks or cracks.

Electrical Malfunctions

Buzzing sounds are usually associated with electrical problems in an air conditioning unit. The loose connections on the AC’s compressor cause these noises. Buzzing noises can also happen due to incorrect voltage amperage. It’s unwise to leave a buzzing sound unaddressed because it can eventually cause an AC breakdown.

You shouldn’t worry if you notice these unusual sounds coming from your cooling system. Contact our NATE-certified HVAC technicians for fast and reliable AC services. The technicians can also maintain air conditioning systems regularly and diagnose AC problems early enough. We are highly experienced with evaporative cooler support, indoor air quality assessments, residential and commercial AC services, and heating repairs and installations. Call Xtreme Air, Inc. today to schedule an immediate appointment with our professionals in Phoenix.

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