April 24, 2023
HVAC repair in Phoenix, AZ

An air conditioner is a large part of a homeowner’s life during the hot summer months. If your AC unit breaks down, then you could be faced with a decision of whether to repair or replace it. Making the right choice can depend on many factors, such as the age of the air conditioner, the cost of the repairs to fix the unit, and your long-term and short-term goals when it comes to the HVAC system in your home.

The Age of Your AC U it

One of the biggest factors to consider when deciding if you should replace or repair your AC unit is how old it is. The lifespan of an air conditioner is typically 10 to 15 years. If your air conditioner is close to 15 years or older, then you may be putting a lot of money toward repairs if you don’t replace the unit.

Repair Costs

If the repairs to your air conditioner are inexpensive and minor, then you may want to keep your system and wait to replace it. Although, significant repairs and costs can start to add up to where it’s more feasible to get a new air conditioning unit altogether.

Energy Efficiency

Newer air conditioners are often much more energy-efficient, which means you can save on your utility bills. An outdated cooling system can mean that your utility bills are much higher than they need to be in the summer.

Goals for Your HVAC System

If you’re thinking about replacing your HVAC system in the short or long term, then it’s important to decide if you want to wait until you replace all the other components of the system or do it a little bit at a time, starting with your AC unit. You may also want to just get it repaired if you’re going to replace it in the short term.

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