December 20, 2022
Arizona Residential Neighborhood in Winter in Phoenix, AZ

The holidays are a treasured time of year for many, but they can also be filled with stress. Cold, inclement weather, rising energy costs, and other financial obligations may find you worrying at this time of year while you’re giving thanks.

With a couple of smart energy-saving tips, you can keep your home warm and toasty while celebrating with all the trimmings and trappings of the season. Take these tips to heart and save money while spreading holiday cheer.

Weatherproof your home

Adding elements such as weather stripping on doors and caulk around windows will seal up any leaks, keeping cold air out and warm air indoors. This simple step can save you up to twenty percent on monthly energy costs, particularly if you are operating an energy-efficient HVAC system inside your home.

Add Insulation Where Needed

Adding insulation to basements, walls, and attics regulates indoor air temperatures and makes your whole home more energy efficient. Your HVAC unit doesn’t have to work nearly as hard to keep up with changing temperatures, and you’ll often see significant savings on your monthly bill with this simple addition.

Install a Smart Thermostat

The addition of a smart thermostat gives you more control over how your home is heated and cooled seasonally. Over time, a programmable smart thermostat will learn patterns of use, and you’ll see recommendations for energy-efficient use that will keep your home comfortable while saving you some money.

Have Your HVAC Unit Inspected Before Winter

Optimize your heating unit efficiency by having a tune-up and regular maintenance performed. Your HVAC technician will be able to evaluate your system for potential weakness and provide recommendations for cleaning and repair that will improve efficiency and prevent breakdowns.

We’ll Heat Up Your Holidays!

At Xtreme Air, Inc., we’ve been proudly serving valued customers in the Phoenix area and beyond since 2006. Our quality heating and cooling solutions ensure that you remain comfortable year-round. Our highly trained technicians provide services such as HVAC repair and installation, ductless maintenance and repair, ductwork cleaning, and indoor quality inspection. Call today as you prepare for the holiday season and look forward to energy-efficient comfort in and around your home.

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