August 18, 2023
AC monsoon season

When most people think of monsoons, they think of the rain that comes with it. While this is certainly a concern, the high humidity associated with monsoon season can take a toll on your air conditioning system. Knowing how a monsoon can affect your AC will help you to best prepare so that you can reduce the risk of problems.

What Monsoon Issues Can Affect Your AC?

High humidity puts more stress on your home’s air conditioner. Since extreme humidity essentially cancels out your air conditioner’s cooling effect, your home will remain warmer, even when the system is running. When your AC can’t cool your home, it will run for longer periods of time, reducing energy efficiency and creating more wear and tear on your AC’s components. Additionally, the flash flooding that often happens during or after a monsoon has the power to do significant damage to your home’s air conditioner.

The AC Components to Keep an Eye On

Regular AC tune-ups are important when protecting your system from damage caused by monsoons. While having your system checked out by an expert professional before a monsoon hits is a great way to ensure that everything is in working order, it’s also a good idea to schedule a routine inspection immediately after a monsoon. These post-monsoon inspections allow a professional service technician to make sure that none of your AC’s internal components need repairing or replacing.

While storms have the power to damage any part of your AC, the drain lines are in the most danger during and after a monsoon. Since your AC will help to remove moisture from your home while it cools the air, these lines need to be clear and in excellent condition. Due to high humidity during the monsoon season, the drains will be removing more moisture than usual. If they are clogged, this could lead to water pooling or backing up by the unit.

Dust storms, which are a common part of Arizona’s monsoon season, also have the power to damage your AC. They can cause excess debris and dust to get into the condenser unit and evaporator coil. When this happens, you might notice that your AC is not keeping your home as cool as it usually does, so call us for AC repair.

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