November 20, 2021
Furnace Maintenance in Phoenix, AZ

No one wants to be stuck at home in the winter when the heat goes out. Unfortunately, it does happen from time to time. By learning how to proceed after your heat goes out, you’ll be better prepared to handle this issue in the future.

Go Over the Basics

You’ll want to start by checking to see if your whole home has lost power or if it’s just your heating system. If it’s just your heating system, it’s time to check your thermostat. Make sure that it’s turned to the “Heat” function and that the temperature you have it set for is at least five degrees higher than the actual temperature it’s reading.

Check Your Furnace

Next, you’ll want to see if your pilot light is still going in your furnace and if you have fuel coming in. If your pilot light is out, it’s a very simple process to relight it. Start by turning the knob at the pilot light assembly to the “Off” position.

Give it a minute to let the fuel fumes dissipate into the air. Then, turn it to the “Pilot” position. Use a grill lighter or long matchstick to light the burner. You’ll want to hold in the reset button until the flame becomes solid. If your pilot light won’t relight, it’s best to consult a heating specialist for system repairs.

Tips for Staying Warm

While you’re waiting for your repair specialist to arrive, there are some things that you can do to keep your home relatively warm. If you have space heaters, now is the time to plug them in. Try to contain your family in one room of the house. Additionally, if you have a fireplace, this would be the time to light it.

If you don’t have either of these options, consider turning your stove on and leaving the door partially open. That will help to radiate heat until you can get your heating system repaired.

Your Dependable Local Heating Company

Xtreme Air, Inc. offers excellent heating repairs, tune-ups and installations throughout the entire Phoenix, AZ, area. We also provide the same range of cooling and indoor air quality services. Call our office today to get the assistance that you need!

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