July 17, 2023
Ductless Mini-Split Installation AC in Phoenix, AZ

After a long day at work or an afternoon of running errands, your home is a place where you can be comfortable and get out of the sweltering summer heat. Any type of air conditioning unit can keep your indoor air temperatures cool. Two types of systems available to you include a mini split and a regular air conditioner. Make sure you choose the air conditioner that’s right for your home.

What are Mini Splits?

A ductless mini split is a ductless air conditioner that comes with an outdoor unit as well as one or more indoor units. Refrigerant is sent through your system to absorb the humidity and heat from the air inside your home. Since these units don’t distribute air through ducts, you’ll need to place separate indoor units in the different rooms or areas you want to cool.

What are Regular Air Conditioners?

Traditional air conditioners with ducts usually come with a single indoor and outdoor unit. The indoor unit includes a large blower fan that sends air throughout a series of ducts. These ducts are installed around your floor, ceilings, or walls. With this system in place, all areas of the home will remain at the same temperature.

Understanding the Difference

The primary difference between a mini split unit and a regular air conditioner is that mini splits are ductless and can be installed in homes that don’t have ductwork. Regular air conditioners cool the entire home, while mini split systems often come with multiple units. Every unit comes with a small fan that can push air into the surrounding area. This allows for zoned systems.

When you want to upgrade your home’s air conditioning system, seek professional installation services to ensure the process is handled with care. Here at Xtreme Air, Inc., we have experience with installing mini splits, central air conditioners, and all other HVAC systems you can buy for your Phoenix, AZ residence. Air conditioner repair and maintenance services are also available. Consider requesting our indoor air quality services to remove contaminants from the air. Call Xtreme Air, Inc. today if you’re thinking of buying an air conditioner and need our help.

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