Ductless Air Conditioning in Scottsdale, AZPrepare your home for a hot summer with a complete installation for ductless air conditioning in Scottsdale, AZ from Xtreme Air, Inc.. Traditional AC systems can have a difficult time keeping exterior facing rooms adequately cooled. A mini-split unit placed in certain rooms can help boost indoor air and keep you comfortable on the hottest days. Ductless products are designed to deliver targeted cooling where you need it most. Whether it’s a bedroom, family room, or kitchen, our team can work with you to select and install ductless air conditioning units in your house.

    Some floor plans may require more than one mini-split unit to meet demand. Each unit can be operated on its own or as a group. You’ll be able to use the units when you want them, and turn them off when you don’t need them. We can help you decide how many mini-splits you’ll need to combat the heat.

    Scottsdale’s Ductless Air Conditioning Installation

    Many homeowners are looking for ways to enhance the comfort of their houses in efficient ways. Our team provides locals with ductless services as an alternative to replacing your current system or adding ductwork. We can install a unit for a single room or add several throughout your home. Our installers will know how to place your unit for easy access and use. Each unit will be connected to an exterior power source and operate independently from each other.

    Homeowners can take advantage of the many benefits a ductless AC offers:
    • Customized AC results
    • Dependable cold air
    • Energy-efficient cooling
    • No cost for ductwork
    • Quiet operation

    Not only can we install mini-splits, but we repair and maintain these units, too. You can count on us for a detailed installation estimate and any information you require to make a final decision. Let us know if you have questions about placing a ductless AC system in your residence.

    We also offer expert ductless air conditioning services in:

    Professional Mini-Split Services Available

    Professional Mini-Split Services AvailableXtreme Air, Inc. is your local qualified HVAC company. We’ve been accredited and A+-rated with the local BBB since 2007. Our team is highly skilled, and we hire NATE-certified AC technicians to work on your equipment. We make sure our technicians remain up to date on the latest equipment and technologies, so you’ll always receive complete services. Our technicians will arrive in a recognizable company van as well.

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    Improve your indoor air experience with ductless air conditioning in Scottsdale from our experienced team at Xtreme Air, Inc.. Call us today to learn more and schedule a personalized in-home estimate.