Ductless Air Conditioning in Phoenix, AZIf your home had ductless air conditioning, it could make living in Phoenix, AZ much more enjoyable for you and your family. Let’s say you’ve already made some upgrades to your home such as the addition of a sunroom or updating your basement area, but you haven’t run ductwork to that location. A mini-split in the space will keep it comfortable throughout the year. Or perhaps you need your garage cooled so that you can continue to do car work in the summer. This system will definitely do the trick. Why not discuss the details with us at Xtreme Air, Inc.?

    Mini-splits are essentially ductless heat pumps, and they cool a space by absorbing heat from it and letting that heat get dissipated outside. Only three components are necessary for this operation: the air handling unit, the compressor, and a refrigerant line. The air handling unit is the stylish portion, and it goes on your wall while the bulky compressor is located outside. Fortunately, you can put 50 feet of distance between them so the compressor won’t be conspicuous.

    Ductless Air Conditioning in Phoenix

    The first thing you’ll probably discuss with our technician is where you would place a mini-split and how many you want. One positive is that you can connect up to eight air handlers in your home without having to buy a second compressor.

    The technician will go over the benefits of this type of cooling with you, which include the following:
    • Greater energy efficiency due to the absence of ducts
    • Quiet, variable-speed operation
    • Built-in temperature zoning
    • Features like directional airflow

    Having no ducts means eliminating holes and leaks through which conditioned air can escape before reaching its destination. You’ll get cool air more efficiently and at a much lower cost. Your monthly utility bill could decrease noticeably. Variable-speed operation also improves matters because it keeps the system from incurring the wear and tear that’s usually associated with continually switching on and off.

    Ductless Air Conditioning in Phoenix

    Since you get a thermostat for each air handler, you can customize the temperature for every room. We’re sure that you’ll appreciate this if you have family members who complain all the time about the central AC being too cold or not cold enough.

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