September 20, 2021
HVAC Warranty in Phoenix, AZ

When you purchase a new HVAC system, it will come with a manufacturer’s warranty. This will help to pay for the cost of faulty parts and sometimes labor. However, if you make any of the mistakes below, it’s highly likely that you’ll void your HVAC warranty.

Not Registering It

For your HVAC warranty to be activated, you need to register it. There is usually a 30- to 60-day period where you can log online to register your system. Your HVAC system installer should provide you with the necessary information about registering your unit, including its serial number.

Not Getting Annual Maintenance

Most HVAC warranty contracts require you to get annual maintenance performed on your system at least once a year by a professional. It’s vital that you keep your receipts and service record handy. Whenever you want to get a part replaced under your warranty, you’ll need to have all of this necessary documentation.

Using Generic Parts

Each HVAC manufacturer will require that your faulty system components be replaced with their specific brand of parts. If you end up using a generic part in your unit, it’s likely going to void the warranty. In addition, doing repairs yourself or having a technician who isn’t certified by your HVAC manufacturer could void the warranty.

Selling Your Home

Depending on the manufacturer of your HVAC system, the warranty may only be attached to your family. If you decide to sell your house while your HVAC warranty is still active, it may not be transferrable to the new homeowners. Some manufacturers do offer a limited transferrable warranty that may cover only certain parts. However, it’s best to check with your HVAC manufacturer before selling.

Experienced HVAC Service

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