October 20, 2021
Humidifier in Phoenix, AZ

Humidity is an indicator of the amount of water in the air. You can remove the water by installing a dehumidifier or increase the water in the air using a humidifier. Your choice depends on the comfort level you prefer.

What Do Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers Do?

When air is too dry, nasal irritation and sinus blockages can occur. A humidifier can add needed moisture to the air. However, too much humidity can cause health issues for asthma sufferers. A dehumidifier can be used to remove excess water in the air.

If you experience dry and itchy skin when inside your home, a humidifier can help soothe you. Homes that have damp stains on ceilings and walls have too much moisture in the air. A dehumidifier can reduce the moisture and mold that can grow under these circumstances.

Start By Measuring Humidity

Purchase an indoor humidity monitor also known as a hygrometer. Place the monitor in the room you want to test, and operate it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Hygrometers can be found at your local home improvement store.

If you would like to install a humidity control device, let us know. Xtreme Air, Inc. has skilled installers to assist you in Phoenix. We can also repair and service existing humidity control systems.

Choosing a Device

If the room you’ve tested has a 50% or more humidity level, a dehumidifier may be needed. A room that has a 30% or less humidity reading may require a humidifier. Indoor humidity levels can vary according to the region in which you live. Typically, winters tend to be damp and summers dry in many areas of the U.S.

Xtreme Air, Inc. is your trusted heating, cooling and indoor air quality specialist for Phoenix. We hire NATE-certified technicians, and we’re licensed, bonded and insured to serve residential customers. Our company is an authorized Trane Comfort Specialist, and we always use quality parts and materials. We service evaporative coolers and heat pumps, too. Call us today to learn more about improving your indoor air.

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