April 18, 2022

The two most common kinds of cooling systems you’ll see in homes are window units and HVAC systems. HVAC systems are the more popular option, but they aren’t necessarily the most frugal. While window AC units have their disadvantages, they are most likely a more affordable choice for your home than an HVAC system.

Purchasing Costs

HVAC systems are large, complex appliances that must be connected to your home’s ventilation system. They have the massive task of controlling your entire home’s climate, and as a result, they’re quite expensive. Even the cheapest HVAC units are rarely less than $2,000. Window units only do the job of cooling down one room or small area, but they’re also very affordable. Usually, the highest-end window AC units will only cost around $1,000, and some are as cheap as $100.

Operational Costs

Because HVAC systems have such a large duty, they require quite a bit of electricity to operate. The exact number varies, but the average central air unit uses around 3,500 watts per hour. That’s in contrast to the average window unit, which only requires around 500 to 1,400. Over an entire Phoenix, AZ summer, that difference will add up to a fair bit of money on energy bills.

Repair Costs

Window AC units do occasionally suffer malfunctions or breakdowns, but it usually doesn’t cost more than a couple of hundred dollars to fix them. Even if one does require a major, expensive repair, you can simply invest in a new window unit instead. Because they’re so affordable, replacing one isn’t that big of a deal. However, since HVAC systems are so complex and connected to other systems in your home, they generally cost much more to repair. And, since each HVAC unit is worth so much, it isn’t always a practical option to replace them when something is seriously wrong. As a result, homeowners occasionally end up paying huge repair bills.

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