January 13, 2022
Furnace Cleaning in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, AZ, is known for its intensely hot summers and plentiful sunshine. However, winter nights in the city can get downright cold. To keep your home comfortable this winter, follow these quick tips for cleaning your furnace or heat pump.

1. Clean or Change the Filter

Once each month, check the heating system’s filter. If you see a layer of dust, wash the filter according to the manufacturer’s directions. If it’s a disposable filter, replace it. Don’t wait more than three months between filter cleanings or replacements.

2. Remove Debris From Vents

Your home’s vent covers may accumulate a sticky layer of dust and debris after a few months of use. Each month, remove the vent covers. Mix a solution of dish soap and warm water, and soak the vent covers for 30 minutes. While the vent covers soak, use the vacuum’s hose to remove dust from the vent openings. Dry the vent covers, and return them to their positions.

3. Rinse the Outdoor Unit

Heat pumps have an outdoor unit. It’s exposed to the elements all year long, and dust, pollen, sand, dirt, and animal droppings get stuck to it and interfere with its functioning. Turn off power to the heat pump. Use the garden hose’s jet nozzle to rinse the debris off the unit’s housing.

4. Sanitize the Condensate Line

The heat pump’s condensate line drains condensed water from your home’s air into the wastewater system. After a few months, it may get clogged with muck. A clog could allow water to back up into the unit and ruin it. Turn off power to the heat pump. Disconnect the condensate pipe. Sanitize it with a 10% bleach solution. Reattach the pipe, and restore power to the heat pump.

Not in need of heating maintenance today? We also offer air conditioner maintenance and heating and cooling installation, replacement, and repairs. For more tips on how to clean your furnace or heat pump or to schedule a thorough heating system tune-up, contact us at Xtreme Air, Inc. any time.

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