December 20, 2021
Furnace Size in Phoenix, AZ

The size of a furnace will depend on your heating requirements and your location. Typically, you will require a furnace that will adequately provide enough heat for your home’s occupants. At Xtreme Air, Inc., we’ll guide you on the ideal furnace size for your home in Phoenix. Here’s what to consider.

1. Size of Your Home

Large homes with lots of square footage will require a large furnace. On the other hand, a small home only requires a small furnace for heating. In most areas of the country, a furnace usually puts out a minimum of 3,000 BTU per every 100 square feet. If you are unsure of how many BTUs your home needs to produce adequate heat for your living space, Xtreme Air, Inc. can assist you.

2. Location of Your Home

Another factor to consider when choosing the right size of furnace for your home is your location. The climate where you live will affect the heating needs of your home. Although the residents of the metro Phoenix area live in a climate that is usually warm year-round, there are times in the winter when you may still need a furnace for heat. In this case, you might be able to depend on a smaller size of furnace for your heating needs. Reach out to Xtreme Air, Inc. to help you determine what size furnace you need.

3. Energy-Efficiency Rating of the Furnace

The energy-efficiency rating of your furnace is determined by the size of the furnace, the quality of the furnace’s construction, and the efficiency of the furnace. Thus, the higher the ENERGY STAR rating, the more energy you will save. The ENERGY STAR ratings of the furnace are rated from 1-10. If you don’t need to use a furnace often, then an ENERGY STAR-rated furnace of 2 or 3 is usually a good choice for Phoenix.

It’s imperative to consider the furnace size before getting one for your home. At Xtreme Air, Inc., we offer heating and cooling units as well as heating and cooling services. Contact us for more information.

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